Ninja Blender Cup Lid

This  Ninja Blender cup Lid  is portable and easy to put in your backpack,mountain climbing, cycling suitable for work, outdoor travel.

Our 24 oz cup is the Complete Meet for healthy vegetable juices,fruit juices, milkshakes, and Soft drinks.

you can Like homemade healthy fruit juice useful For Every-Time  and anywhere,no need to Problem about spilling juice.

Suitable for Ninja Auto IQ BL481, BL482-30, BL482-70,BL2012, BL2013, BL480, BL480D, BL486CO, BL487, BL487A,

Be entertained with your favorite smoothie or blended beverage on the go, thanksgiving to these Nutri Ninja blending cups.

Ninja Blender Cup Lid

In this article we share more information About Kitchen Appliances, I wanted to answer some of the most Natural questions Viva Flavor readers have asked about Ninja cups.

I hope you find it useful, and I will continue  further adding to it over time.

Ninja blenders are a Progressively common sight in best your choice home Appliances  kitchens, and it’s not hard to accept  why.

They provide an outstanding middle ground between weaker blenders ,cheaper,  and the kind of high-end implements that most of us can only dream of owning.

Many of the models also come along single serve cups as source, which grantyou to work in smaller batches using a faithful blade unit.

What are Ninja Blenders Cups Lid Dishwasher Safe

Great news here right away.If you put plastic items closer to that heating element, you will  increase the risk that the material warps while the dishwasher is in activity.

The persistence of the material will have some  side effects here, but as a normal rule of thumb it’s a choice to be safe rather than repentant.

I regularly  put my dishwasher-safe kitchenware in the First rack of my dishwasher.

As the popular detergent brand Finish notes on its your sites the warm element of most dishwashers is placed in the lower half of the Home appliance.

Q.1 Are Ninja Blender Cups Microwave Safe?

No. In fact no primitive of your Ninja blender should ever be put in a microwave, whether you’re Discuss about single serving cups or a Major container jar,

All Ninja containers are made from an abnormally hard-wearing material called Eastman Tritan. This is a BPA-free plastic physical that easily can’t be microwaved.

If you are using your Ninja cup to whip up an Active smoothie, then this clearly  isn’t going to be a problem ( really strange tastes,unless you have really).

What if you need to make a fast  soup for lunch though?

In this bin, just blend the ingredients to the flexibility you want, and then sum the blend to a microwave-safe container for warm up.

It takes a little longer globally , but there’s really no safe way everywhere this.

Q.2 Are Ninja Blender Cups BPA-Free?

Yes we are observed. As mentioned in the earlier answer, Ninja Blender Cups are made from a material Definition called Eastman Tritan

This is a BPA-free plastic that won’t infect  the contents of the cup.Ninja Blender cup Lid  is no different when it comes to its cups.

The proper  impact of BPA on those situations is still under review, but the relation  is clear.

According to the Mayo clinic, there are a number of health circumstances thought to be connected to the presence of BPA (bisphenol A) in plastics.

For that logic  you’ll note  that most kitchenware operators are  on the side of foresight anyway, and simply make use of BPA-free material as a matter of series.

Q.3 Are Ninja Blender Cups Freezer Safe?

Okay, Ninja Blender Cups are secure to put in the chill.

If you want to provide a collection of daily drinks for a lengthy period than that, there’s no authentic reason your Ninja Cups can’t go on iceberg.

I’m glad  to store smoothies in my refrigerator for allover 72 hours. Any longer than that and I think there’s a danger that any dairy component you use opening  turning sour.

I leave enough of extra space for the contents to enlarge  though. I also never consist of  the lid, just in case the contents end up isolate the container.

When you are ready to re-use a Ninja Cup Lid that’s been gathered in the freezer, give it a chance to warm up to room temperature before using it newly.

If you’re in a Flow, you can run it under hot water for a minute or so and then dusty. Later that you can compute the blade assembly and start blending again.

Q.4 Are Ninja Cups Competible?

Most of these industries are up-front about compatibility though, whether it’s for cups or changeable parts. Always check the good detail on the item listing.

This one doesn’t have a  fast &Hard  answer I’m nervous.

Most Ninja single serve cups supplied with one Ninja blender are interchangeable with another Ninja model.

All I can stress is the importance of checking the agreement of any given cup you’re looking to purchase.

This is especially important when you’re looking to save a small cash by buying third-party attachments that aren’t officially sighted by Ninja.

Q.5 How To Clean Ninja Blender Lid Cups

As I protected earlier on in this guide though, it’s completely fine to put your Ninja blender Lid cups over the dishwasher.

As the blade assembly is perfectly separate from the container cup, there’s no Hazard involved in washing them manually.

If you do not have a dishwasher and you don’t want to cleaning by hand, there’s still another is best choice!

Ample your Ninja cup up to the halfway point with warm water, add a drop or two of kitchen detergent, and then pulse the contents while the cup’s on the power base.

Now just vacant, rinse and allow to dry.

That should do an elegant good job of getting most ingredients off. If there is  any viscid residue remaining, you might still need to end the work by hand.

As a general rule of thumb, all Elements of a Ninja blender  negatively affect the motor base, clearly! – can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The simple answer to this question is more the same as that for Dusting the container.

As an observation Your cup lids are equivalently dishwasher-safe. You can also give them a fast wash by hand.

That base is very simple to keep clean as well.

That way you’ll avert  any gunk squeeze the buttons.Just get into the nature of running a damp cloth over it after individual use.


  • Blending jars connect to the Nutri Ninja blender with moderate.
  • Strong plastic construction promises lasting condition.
  • Tight-fitting lids help restrict accidental spills.


  • Two 24-oz. blending cups Lid


  • Manufacturer’s One-year limited warranty
  • Plastic
  • For products warranty information please